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Welcome to Carara American Eskimos

Carara American Eskimos believes in starting with the best in order to produce top quality Eskies - whether for show or for companion. All of my Eskies are titled in either conformation or obedience and their pedigree's are filled with Champions and Grand Champions, which is a solid statement of the quality I am able to produce as a breeder. My Eskies have earned the 'Temperament Tested' title, have their eyes checked by an opthamologist yearly, and are DNA-P profiled. My goal is to produce excellent temperament Eskies with correct breed standard and gorgeous bear type heads.

All of my Eskies are family house dogs. They go everywhere with me - camping, hiking, and regular walks make them an essential part of my daily life. We also make trips to seniors retirement facilities.

Show or pet puppies are available occasionally, as I usually have only one litter every other year. Prospective buyers are assured that their new puppy is raised in a home with love, care, attention and are well socialized with children and other animals. When the pup is shipped to you, they will have had their first shots by a veterinarian, micro-chipped, crate trained and ready to embark on a new life with you.

If you are looking to purchase an Eskie for breeding purposes only, I suggest you contact another breeder. I do not sell my companion puppies without spay/neuter contracts. Once I have verified with your vet this procdure was done, the registration papers be released to you as non-breeding stock.

If you have a background in dog showing or have interest in entering the sport, I would be pleased to talk to you about my carefully planned litters and the wonderful world of showing Eskies.

Information on the American Eskimo Dog Breed:

These dogs are excellent companions - as they always want to be with you. The Eskie's are an active breed as they love to run and play. This breed is excellent in obedience and agility.

The breed has a double coat - a thick wooly under coat and and long silky guard hairs. Males generally blow their coats in the spring and females blow approximately four months after their heat cycle. One of the best features of this breed is that it does not smell like a dog. They have no doggie odor as its coat carries a natural oil that repels dirt. Regular brushing is a must to prevent matts and to keep the coat looking shiny and in healthy condition. Responsible breeders should be testing their breeding dogs annually for any genetic eye diseases.

My associations in the dog world:

Former President and Founding Member of the National American Eskimo Dog Association of Canada (Official National Parent Club of the Canadian Kennel Club)
Former Secretary and Member of the KANDU American Eskimo Dog Association
Member of the National American Eskimo Dog Association
Member of American Eskimo Dog Club of America
Member of the Canadian Kennel Club


Jeannie Halmo
Carara American Eskimos
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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